The Press


Olive Oil Extraction

The olives are picked and washed and delivered to the press within 24 hours to ensure high quality fresh Extra Virgin Olive oil.

They are then crushed and stirred at around 25-30’C. The pulp is pressed and droplets of oil form pockets that are then separated centrifugally and run into stainless steel tanks. The oil is filtered and bottled in dark glass containers for sending to the consumers.

Olive oil is sensitive to light and heat which oxidise and degrade it so it should be stored in a cool dark place. If stored correctly the oil may be enjoyed for at least 2 years

Some tips when choosing Olive Oil

  1. Check that the label says 'Extra Virgin'
  2. Favour domestic oil. Our oil is grown, pressed and bottled in the little town of Ladismith in the Western Cape.
  3. Remember to smell and taste it. Nothing beats the fresh aroma of a good olive oil. The oil can stay good for about 2 years if stored in a dark cupboard at room temperature