Santos Estates Story


Farm Story

Santos Estates is more than an olive farm and olive products manufacturer founded in Ladismith in Western Cape, it is the culmination of vision, heritage and science.
Santos Estates was founded by the dos Santos family as part of a group of family owned and run companies. The founder Victor dos Santos, of Portuguese descent, had always dreamed of creating an olive operation that was reflective of a rich family heritage and that incorporated the uniqueness that a South African, Karoo grown harvest could yield.

The Karoo offered the perfect environment to develop a superior olive product unlike anything the South African market had seen before and Santos Estates set its sights on growing this product for the international market under an established specialist premium brand.
With over 5000 olives trees under a sophisticated, Israel born irrigation system designed to make the most of water scarcity in the area, the Santos Estates team set to invent the niche olive growing process in the area.

Integral to the success of crafting this unique operation was the ability to call on dos Santos family members who have a wide range of expertise including accountancy, supply chain, marketing, engineering, and scientific skills.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is picked, pressed and bottled with great care producing a golden green oil with a lovely fresh “grassy” aroma and taste. Our boutique distributors have customers who try the oil once and become customers for life.
Our range of products includes Extra Virgin Olive oil in 3 sizes (250, 500 and 750ml) Olives in 2 distinct flavours (original or lemon and herb) and Olive Leaf Tea.

Santos Estate Table Olives are handpicked and carefully cured in salt and vinegar brine for 10-12 months before being bottled and either left as the natural olive taste or given a touch of “Portuguese spice” with herbs, chilli and lemon.

Continuing our quest to reinvent the Olive product in South Africa, olive leaf tea is offered on findings from extensive research to find not only the polyphenol benefits that were well understood by our forefathers and heritage context, but also to find the optimal way of processing our tea to produce maximum health benefit and taste to our customers.