Olive Leaf Tea


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Olive Leaf Tea, a new product from Santos Estates is incoming! Our team has been hard at work to make sure our customers get the highest quality product available, see what our experts have to say below:

Olive Leaf Tea, the dried leaves of the olive tree (Olea europaea), has been used for centuries as far back as Ancient Egypt and referred to in Ancient Greek literature offering many health benefits. In the 1850′s, medical reports described how olive leaves cured malaria. In recent years, there is a rising interest in natural antioxidants and scientific studies are re-evaluating the potential in this common traditional herb tea.

The unprocessed olive leaf contains 5 groups of phenolic compounds, the most abundant of which is the polyphenol, oleuropein.

According to recent studies (and coincidentally traditional claims) olive leaf tea:

  1. Reduces incidence of heart disease
  2. Is a potent, natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties
  3. Has anti-tumoral activity
  4. Is a remedy for diabetes and hypertension
  5. Helps prevent the development of obesity and insulin resistance, improving metabolic disorders
  6. Is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and used to fight colds and flu, yeast and viral infections
  7. Alleviates chronic fatigue

Olive Leaf Tea is caffeine-free, high in polyphenols and Vitamin C with a pleasant, slightly bitter taste (often likened to weak green tea)
It takes slightly longer to steep than regular tea, producing a golden amber colour. It can be enjoyed hot or cold.